CNC Laser Machines 2019

700w-1500w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine



Applicable scope

Suitable for metal plate processing, machine cases &electric cabinet ,elevator manufacturing,agriculture4-related machinery, environ-mental protection equipment, aerospace ,machine manufacturing, shipbuilding industry, petroleum tubular goods ,agricultural machinery, bridge construction, engineering machinery, etc.

Product Features

Gantry-type single sided dual-drive structure, imported high-precision reducer, gear, rack and linear guide ,smooth transmission, fast acceleration, high positioning accuracy;

The powerful technological functions such as one key calibration, automatic edge searching, automatic layout, leapfrog and so on make operation easy and simple.

With good cutting quality, it is small in thermal deformal deformation, and the cutting surface is smooth, flat and artistic.

Professional CNC cutting software can be used for the free design of a variety of graphics or text, which offers the flexible processing, simple and convenient operation。

Technical Parameters






Processing surface

3000mm×1500mm  4000mm×2000mm 6000mm×2000mm(The optional scope)

X/Y-Axis geometric positioning accuracy


X/Y-axis repetitive positioning accuracy


Minimum Kerf


Maximum operating speed

168m/min(The actual model is the final model)

Accelerated velocity

1.68G(The Actual model is the final model)

Laser power





Equipment Dimensions

9390mm×3200mm×2300mm(The actual model is the final model)

Equipment Weight

8.5T(ThE Actual model is the final model)



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