What’s the notes when using table plasma cutting machine?---1

Table plasma cutting machine is widely used in industry. Whats the notes when using CNC cutting machine?

1.When table plasma cutting machine start cutting, we should start from the edge.Using the edge as a starting point will extend the life of the consumable, the correct way is make the nozzle direct at the edge of the workpiece and then start the plasma arc.

table plasma cutting machine

2. Reduce unnecessary "arc" time when table plasma cutting machine cutting. The nozzle and the electrode are damaged very fast at the time of starting.

3.Keep CNC cutting machine torch and consumable as clean as possible. Anything on the torch and consumables will greatly affect the function of the plasma cutting machine. When replacing the consumable, place it on a clean flannel. Always check the connecting rib of the torch and clean the electrode contact surface and nozzle with hydrogen peroxide detergent.

4.Use a reasonable cut distance when plasma cutting machine cutting. According to the requirements of the operating instructions.The cutting distance means the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece surface.

5. The perforation thickness shall be within the permissible range of the table plasma cutting machine. The cutting machine can not perforate the steel plate above the cutting thickness.The usual perforation thickness is 0.5 of the normal cutting thickness

6. Do not overload CNC cutting machine nozzle. Allow the nozzle to overload, will make the nozzle damaged quickly. The current strength should be 95% of the operating current of the nozzle. For example, the current intensity of the 100A nozzle should be set to 95A


LegendB5II table plasma cutting machine is an powerful CNC cutting machine. It can cut as thin as 0.3mm, as thick as 22mm.It is also an marking machine.

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