How to conform Motor/Driver failure in SteelTailor portable CNC cutting machine?

How to conform Motor/Driver failure in the portable CNC cutting machine?


Let us consider X axis not moving.

(1)Exchange the wire connection of the X and Y motors. If X axis start moving and the Y axis is not moving that means both motors are ok. the problem is caused by the motor driver or SteelTailor controller.


Place back the motor connection to the original way. That is same connection before the exchange.


There will be SteelTailor motor driver for each motor X axis driver and Y axis driver. There are two sets of connection for each driver the input set and the output set. Input set of wires will be coming from SteelTailor controller and supply box. The output set will be wires going to the motor.


(2)Exchange the Input set of wires between the two drivers. After the exchange see which axis is not moving

(a)If the x axis motor is not moving it means the X axis driver is having the problem replace the driver with a new driver. 

(b)If the Y axis is motor not moving that means there is some problem with SteelTailor controller. The controller needs repair.


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