Paid Promotion to Help Dealers Clear Inventory

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Starting from May 2017, SteelTailor will carry out a web promotion on Google ADwords, YouTube, FaceBook, Yandex, Alibaba, Directindustry and other platforms free of charge for excellent dealers to help them promote the inventory of CNC cutting machine products. The quota is limited, so those who come earlier will get the free service. 

This paid promotion will focus on the advantages of steelTailor’s digital marketing force for the dealer to do localization promotion. If you are regional exclusive agents, you will be able to access the terminal customer inquiries directly. 

The promotion will basically cover the mainstream CNC industry promotion network. The scale will be identical with SteelTailor release of new products. We will increase the introduction of pictures, videos of the POWER II portable CNC cutting machine, LEGEND B5II table plasma cutting machine, G3 flame and plasma gantry cutting machine and other old products, hoping that customers will have the opportunity to understand these classic CNC cutting machines. 

Please pay attention to us for more information on marketing activities. SteelTailor has been insisting on the dealer strategy for many years, and we will always be responsible for the products and distributors. SteelTailor, the friend!



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