Portable CNC cutting machine

SteelTailor Dragon portable gantry cutting machine



Cut as wide as 3.5m(11feets )!
Dual drive, more stable!
Easy installation!

Dragon I-Portable Gantry Cutting Machine
Portable Gantry!

  • Cut as wide as 3.5m(11feets )!
  • Dual drive, more stable! Easy installation!
  • Portable Gantry!
  • As précised and stable as a traditional Gantry!
Cut as wide as 3.5 meters (11 feets) !
Easy installation and adjustment by users!
After successfully launched the portable cantilever and the portable gantry CNC cutting machines, SteelTailor, the world leader in portable CNC machines, has newly released its portable gantry!

The portable gantry is named by SteelTailor as Dragon gantry cutting machine. Its cutting width can reach as wide as 3.5 meters (11 feet). The length can be extended as need. The precision is as good as a traditional gantry machine .

Dragon gantry cutting machine, the portable gantry from Steeltailor, can replace a tradition gantry in the range of 3.5 meter cutting width.

SteelTailor Dragon portable gantry CNC cutting machine is designed with care for the users and dealers. The thoughtful design makes it easy to install and to adjust. Users can easily fix everything by following the instruction of the user manual and the demo video. It is not only convenient but also absolutely saving the cost on installation and adjustment!

Make CNC machines easy and affordable, it is the mission of STeelTailor. 

Note 1: Effective cutting length can be adjusted according to the need of the customer :3000mm, 4000mm, 5000mm…… Maximum length: 15000m.

2 Year warranty for all SteelTailor products (For machines made after Jan 1 2012)


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