flame and plasma cutting

Table plasma cutting machines

Economical CNC table plasma cutting machine kit for thin plate,think plate,CNC drilling and making,one machine multi-functions. A CNC plasma cutting table lets you cut electrically-conductive materials including steel and aluminium using plasma cutter. With its high precision cutting, you can use CNC plasma table for a wide range of applications in facilities and industries where accuracy is essential, such as fabrication shops, automotive repair and restoration, and construction.

Plasma cutting machine processes metal materials by means of high definition plasma cutting technology. Plasma cutting is a method that using the heat of a high temperature plasma arc to melt or (evaporate) the metal portion or portion of the work-piece .SteelTailor is a trusted manufacturer of high definition CNC plasma cutting table in the China. We brought it to worldwide to fill the need for a compact cutting table for small workshops.

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